Why Bio

The prices indicated on our site you are not just buying an accommodation for you and your family or your friends, but also a healthy and pleasant stay:

  • We are welcoming you with a bottle of BIO wine and chocolate, to make your first night the begging of your pleasant stay.
  • We take the burden off your shoulder, so you won’t need to start your first morning with shopping, just snacking from the best locally produced delicacies.
  • We will conjure the daily ablution with hand made natural ingredient liquid soap and shower gel, and together we are protecting the trees as well, because we provide only 100% recycled toilet papers.
  • The kitchen textiles, towels and lines are made from 100% cotton and we use only washer nuts and other natural substances to wash them.
  • The cleaning is done only with natural and organic products, so we can provide during your stay by us a clean and healthy environment.
  • For the washing machine and for the dishwasher we provide natural-based cleaning agents, so the glass that you are drinking from will not contain any residual toxins.
  • Even though we love animals, unfortunately they are not allowed in the apartment, because we are paying attention for the allergic people.